2 brothers (+ family), are frequent track goers passionate about horse racing and handicapping.  The two decided to combine there expertise in creating an application to gain a financial edge at the race track for personal use.

Peter utilized his technical skills acquired throughout a decade+ long career on Wall Street combined with Andrews talent of product development and handicapping.

What started out as a product for personal gain quickly changed into a product for commercial use due to the overwhelming success and accuracy the software consistently demonstrates. We've developed the first Racehorse Management System (RMS), a server side application that ingests and interprets horse racing data utilizing proprietary code and algorithms designed from the ground up.

The 2minutes2post RMS end product outputs two sets of picks - 2m2p and ajs systems.  both systems have a history of picking winners in every race class. When the two systems agree on picks for a single race, that's a sign that we're on to something.

We wish our customers much success at the race track and look forward to developing an ever more accurate product!  Our customers are very important to us and we are open to any and all feedback.

2minutes2post, LLC is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

2minutes2post is licensed and powered by Equibase.