2Minutes2Post Mobile App Overview

The 2Minutes2Post mobile app is a must have for today’s horse racing enthusiasts. The 2M2P mobile app features the 2M2P & AJS algorithm top picks which adjust to track conditions set by the user.

2Minutes2Post Mobile can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Users can make in-app purchases for today’s racing starting at $3.99 per racetrack. Alternatively, mobile Track Pass Packages can be purchased below at a discount.

Track Pass Packages for Mobile Devices
from 14.99

2M2P Mobile App User Guide

  • Download 2Minutes2Post App from your mobile store (Google Play, Apple App Store) for your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

  • Create account - you can login with Twitter, Facebook, or create your own account with 2M2P by registering your first & last name, and e-mail address

  • Select desired Race Date (see Race Date field) - Picks available for past & current date only. Future dates are not available until day of.

  • Select desired Race Track

  • After Race Track selection, you will be prompted for purchase (or you can purchase directly at 2M2P.com).

    • Options for purchase inside the Mobile App are (1 Track, 10 Tracks, 30 Tracks)

  • You will then be prompted to add a credit card form of payment or purchase using Apple In App Purchase.

  • After successful payment, your desired Race Track data will load automatically. If you purchased 10 tracks or 30 tracks, each time you want to load a new Race Date / Race Track you will be prompted with "Purchase this track?" question. Your number of track credits will deduct by one each time you buy a new track. When all track credits are used, if you want to load another track 2M2P mobile app will prompt for another credit card payment.

  • To change Race Number (see Race Number field) press and select desired race.

  • To change Track Condition (see Track Condition field) press and select desired track condition.

  • After changing Race Number or Track Condition fields, 2M2P app will automatically adjust bar chart analysis.

  • Scratch Horse - If you wish to scratch horses from a race, touch the Scratch Horse button and select the horses you want to scratch, then confirm selection.

  • Reset - If you scratch horses by accident, or would like to undo your scratches, select the Reset button.

  • Purchase History - Our database keeps track of all Race Date / Race Track purchases you have made. If you wish to go back in time, it is as simple as loading the Race Date / Race Track you selected in the past. You will not be charged to go back in time for prior purchased tracks. You can select "Purchase History" from the 2M2P App Menu to see prior purchased tracks.