2minutes2post, licensed & powered by Equibase, is the most advanced Racehorse Management System on the market today.

Our proprietary algorithms consistently predict winning horses across all thoroughbred race tracks in North America. Our software takes into account up to hundreds of data points on each horse over the course of their career. We weigh trends, patterns, and anomalies that others miss to provide you with unprecedented results. We process past performance data daily to give you a genuine advantage with our horse racing picks at any track in the country.


Love the Scoreboard. Keep up the good work. I’m spreading the word about your site. Thanks
— Bob, Jan 15th 2018
Love your work! I just reloaded my account yesterday
— Ira, January 15th 2018
Huge shout out to 2minutes2post for picks leading to the winning ticket on the late pick 4 at Saratoga, Aug 18th.
— Jason, August 19 2017
I hit the pick 5 with it! It was also right about my OWN horse... she came in 4th
— Robert


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